LOLA Regular Tampons, Compact Plastic Applicator, 48 ct.

SKU# 30210

LOLA Regular Tampons, Compact Plastic Applicator, 48 ct.

SKU# 30210
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LOLA Regular Tampons, Compact Plastic Applicator, 48 ct.
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Powerful leak protection for your period, without the mystery ingredients. Designed with your body in mind, LOLA's #1 bestselling compact plastic applicator tampons are gynecologist-approved, hypoallergenic, and made with 100% organic cotton. Available in Regular, Super, and Super Plus to fit your flow. 

And unlike other tampons with a 100% organic cotton core only, LOLA tampons are made with 100% organic cotton, down to the string, and in BPA-free plastic applicators. No toxins, dyes, or chlorine bleach. No mystery fibers, either. With LOLA, what you see is exactly what you get.

  • 100% organic cotton tampon and string
  • Pocket-size, BPA-free plastic applicator
  • Expands in all directions to protect against leaks
  • Gynecologist-approved
  • Hypoallergenic
  • FDA 510(K) cleared
  • Also available in Regular, Super, and Super Plus

100% organic cotton (tampon and string), BPA-free plastic (applicator)

Absorbency Guidelines: Light <6g, Regular 6-9g, Super 9-12g, Super Plus 12-15g. Use the lightest of absorbency needed for your flow in order to reduce the risk of contracting Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS). Instructions: 1. After removing the tampon’s wrapper, pull the applicator’s inner tube out until it comes to a stop at the bottom of the outer tube. 2. Hold the outer tube on the grooved portion of the applicator. Place the tip of the applicator into the vaginal opening and gently push it into your vagina. 3. While still firmly holding the applicator outer tube, gently push the inner tube completely into the outer tube. 4. The tampon is inserted correctly when the rings of the tubes have been pushed together. 5. Gently remove the applicator. The inner tube should now be inside the outer tube. The tampon is now inserted and the string is hanging outside of your body. 6. When removing the tampon, wrap up the used tampon securely and dispose of it in a trash bin. Do not flush. WHEN TO CHANGE THE TAMPON Though your needs will depend on your individual period, you should change your tampon 3-6 times a day. You should never leave a tampon in for more than 8 level hours. Always use the lowest absorbency needed. REMOVING THE TAMPON 1. Gently pull the withdrawal string so that the tampon slides out. It is easiest to remove a tampon when it is fully saturated. 2. You may have to use your fingers if you cannot find the withdrawal string. Remember to remove the current tampon before inserting another and always remember to remove the last tampon at the end of your period.

ATTENTION: Tampons are associated with Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS). TSS is a rare but serious disease that may cause death. Please read and save the enclosed information in your box of tampons.

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