Oogiebear Brite

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Feel confident cleaning your baby day or night- now with the ability to see what's inside little noses and ears...
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Oogiebear Brite
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Feel confident cleaning your baby day or night- now with the ability to see what's inside little noses and ears. Safely & effectively remove stubborn sticky mucus and dry boogers from little noses with the oogiebear-brite booger picker. 

oogiebear-brite is a handheld LED light that shines a beam into baby’s nose and ears and effectively exposes any blockages -making it easier for you to be in and out, in a flash! The patented bear head design ensures that the ends will not go too far into their nose and the soft rubber scoop and loop interchangeable tips are specially created to be gentle enough for your baby!

  • Now with LED light
  • Two interchangeable tips
  • Tips are made of waterproof material for safe cleaning after every use
  • Easy to protect from damage in the included storage case
  • Patented bear head design prevents tool from going too far into baby's nose and
  • Bear-head design prevents over insertion for safety

Latex free

PVC free

BPA free

Wash with warm, soapy water and rinse thoroughly before first use and each subsequent use. Remove the cleaning tips from the light unit and, gently hand wash it, let it air dry and store it in the included case. Do not microwave, boil, or steam sterilize.

Upon opening, if tips seem sharp, marked, or appear unusable in any way, please contact our Customer Care Team at customercare@oogiebear.com. We want you to be 100% satisfied! 

The oogiebear® tool is only for removing visible boogers and ear wax - if you can't see it, don't dig for it. 

The oogiebear® tool is not a toy and is intended to be used only by adults (on babies, of course!). 

While you are not using it, keep it out of reach from children. 

Wash and/or sanitize after every use. 

Do not use if tip is broken, loose, cracked, bent, or appears compromised in any way. 

Do not forcefully scrape in baby’s nose or ear canal - gently does it. 

Do not use if baby’s nose or ear is bleeding or irritated. 

Do not use the oogiebear® tool for anything other than its intended use of removing visible boogers and ear wax.

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