10 kid-friendly FSA eligible products your little ones will love

When we think about medical expenses our Flexible Spending Account (FSA) can cover, we might think about healthcare expenses and products that tackle the aches, pains, and medical conditions that come with adult life.

But guess what? There are a bunch of products designed with kids in mind. These items not only can help boost your little ones' physical health, but can provide comfort when they're not feeling great, and even add a spark of joy for your children. Here are 10 of our favorite kid-friendly FSA eligible goodies:

1. Zoo Dual Hot and Cold Packs

If your little one is running a fever or maybe had a minor fall, you can use this adorable mini zoo hot and cold pack that's couched inside a pink bear. Not only will it help your kid feel better and alleviate any pain or discomfort, but they might make a new furry friend! Plus, it's compact, so won't take up a lot of room in your medicine cabinet.

These dual cold and hot packs also come in a few different varieties to make up a menagerie of critters — a complementary blue bearkoalahippobunnyelephant, or monkey. Consider getting one of each to cheer up your kid next time they aren't feeling well or have a boo-boo.

2. Pig-Shaped Hold and Cold Packs

To fix wounds or alleviate discomfort and pain from a minor accident or injury, look no further than these colorful and animal-shaped TheraPearl Pals cold and heat packs. They're soothing, and your kid will be distracted by the cute overload factor. Besides "Pearl" the pig, your child can meet a host of cute characters: "Ribbit" the frog"Buddy" the puppy, and "Ping" the Panda.

3. Fever Relief Sheets

If your child is having a high temperature, applying a fever relief sheet can help them sleep better at night. These make for a fine alternative to a wet towel and are thin, easy to use, and can last up to eight hours.

They also don't require any refrigeration and are reusable so you can store them in a cabinet, first aid kit, or your purse to take with you on the go. These particular fever relief sheets are created by Caring Mill, which donates a portion of its proceeds to the non-profit organization Children's Health Fund.

4. Band-Aids for Kids

If your kid is suffering from a small cut or scrape, gently apply a band-aid that will put a smile on their face. FSA Store features a number of kid-friendly band-aids, such as FrozenStar WarsMinions, and Nickelodeon shimmery ones.

5. Kid-Friendly First Aid Kits

If your kids are the physically active sort, then a sports-themed first aid kit might come in handy to cart around. Whether you store them for easy access in a closet, in the trunk of your car, or perhaps in a kid care bag when you're on the go.

For the animal lover in your family, consider these Sea & Safari themed first aid kit. It comes with a sheet of stickers so your child can have fun decorating the case. This compact kit features an assortment of bandages with sea and safari designs on them, alcohol prep pads, cotton swabs, gauze pads, self-adhesive wrap, and antiseptic wipes.

Your child might also love the Ouchies Sea Friendz First Aid Kit, with a cute turtle on the carry case. They feature a variety of first aid items, including sea animal-themed bandages.

6. Medicine Travel Kit

To complement your first aid kid, consider a portable children's medicine cabinet. The Welly Children's Medicine Travel Kit features an attractive tin with an assortment of chewable, crushable tablets to remedy some ailments — allergies, pain and fever, and stomach discomfort. They're individually wrapped

7. Boogie Wipes

Are the young ones in your household running around with a constant case of the sniffles? If they're cooped up with a cold or seasonal allergies, you might be in constant need of a box of tissues. But too much nose-blowing could lead to irritation and pain. Your kidlets are now struggling with dry, painful noses from all that blowing and wiping.

If that's the case, then they might enjoy Boogie Wipes. These gentle, disposable wipes are made of a blend of natural saline, aloe, and vitamin E that's hypoallergenic. These FSA-eligible wipes come in a travel pack of 10, or a 90-count box.

8. Youth Overnight Pants

Who's that scaling the walls? It's your friendly neighborhood Spiderman, lending a helping hand with bedwetting? Well, sorta. To help your child with bedwetting, consider these Goodnites youth pants. They're highly absorbent, feature five-layer leak protection, and with a snug fit to help your little one feel cozy, confident, and secure while sleeping at night.

Bonus: they have cool Hulk graphics that appeal to the superhero loving child in your family. These youth pants also come in different sizes, with versions of the Hulk, Iron Man, and Ariel from The Little Mermaid.

9. Cherry-Flavored Allergy Medication

If your kid is up all night with an itchy throat, runny nose, or feeling generally icky due to allergies, some Benadryl might help relieve them of their symptoms. Made for kids ages 6 to 11, the cherry flavor might help the medicine go down.

10. Food Allergy Alert Bracelet

Having allergies is certainly no fun, and it might be scary if adults aren't aware of what food allergies a child might have. This adorable food allergy charm bracelet helps kids stay safe by indicating a child's known allergies, in a fun, visual way. Your little one can also accessorize with this brightly colored epi pen holder carrier.

Yes, they're all FSA eligible

This roundup features products that are fun, cleverly designed with a kids' heart and appeal in mind. And best of all, they're FSA eligible! To see what other items your youngins' might enjoy, check out a curated list of products under our Super Parent section.

A quick note: The FSA contribution limit in 2023 is $3,050 and most plans give you until the end of the year to use up your funds. Depending on your employer, there may be a grace period of 2.5 months or a $610 carryover- be sure to check with your employer or benefits administrator. To make the most of your FSA funds, plan accordingly, and purchase items that can come in handy for your medicine cabinet.


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