Getting an eye exam with your FSA

Have you gotten an eye exam recently? Maybe it's time for that yearly visit to get your eyes checked! The good news is that your Flexible Spending Account covers lots of expenses related to eye care to ensure you stay on top of your eye health. You may be wondering which eye specialist to visit, as you've heard of optometrists and ophthalmologists, and there's a slight difference between the two. According to WebMD, "If this is a completely routine, preventative eye exam you can choose either type of eye doctor based upon reputation or referral. If you have a known or suspected medical eye issue such as cataract, glaucoma, or diabetes, it is reasonable to choose an ophthalmologist (MD) for your eye exam."

Before your visit, be sure to note important things to discuss with the specialist, whether you have concerns or questions about your current eye health - blurry vision, dryness, tired eyes - or are worried about possible hereditary conditions.

If you already wear glasses or contact lenses, you can use your FSA to cover expenses for new prescription glasses or contact lenses (or contact lens care like cleaning solution).

During the exam, the specialist will ask about your family health history and of course do a vision test (close and distance vision, where you'll read from charts, peripheral vision and more). In the same article, WebMD adds that "your doctor will test the pressure in your eye with a puff of air or a device called a tonometer. Tonometry tests for glaucoma."

Your eyes may also need to be dilated to get a deeper view inside your eye. According to WebMD, "Eye exams can sometimes detect early signs of glaucoma, diabetes, high blood pressure, and arthritis. If the doctor finds anything unusual, you may need a follow-up with your regular doctor or a specialist."

If you've been wearing glasses and are curious about LASIK, now's a good time to ask your eye specialist about it, too. LASIK is covered by an FSA, and you can check in with your FSA administrator about additional eye care expenses covered by your account. You can also view our FSA Eligibility List to learn about covered expenses.

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