Top Organic Period Care Products you Can Buy with your FSA

Organic products used to be reserved for the health food aisle, but now they're everywhere. Companies selling organic foods cite their progressive farming and manufacturing processes, proudly proclaiming their foods are non-GMO and free of dyes, preservatives, and high fructose corn syrup. Shouldn't the same care and attention exist on the shelves of period care products?

It's kind of shocking to find out that pads and tampons can contain dioxin (a probable carcinogen), chlorine, pesticides, chemical fragrance, dyes, and other harmful chemicals. And, it's even more shocking to learn that since tampons and pads are considered medical devices, manufacturers didn't even have to include an ingredients label. (New York and California now require tampon manufacturers to disclose ingredients.)

We're not the only ones that were shocked. Some inspiring women created feminine care brands that make organic products to keep chlorine, bleach, and other toxic chemicals out of our bodies. Not only are these high-quality products good for your intimate area, but they're also good for your bank account -- or FSA account. The CARES Act made it so you can use your FSA to buy period products, so why not take a (virtual) stroll to peruse some of our favorite organic period products?

The Honey Pot Everyday Herbal Pantiliners

This woman-owned brand makes natural, organic menstrual products for women by women. Founder Bea Dixon was inspired to create The Honey Pot while suffering from bacterial vaginosis. All of the tampons, pads, and menstrual cups are made with natural ingredients, and contain no chemicals, toxins, artificial fragrance, or anything synthetic. Plus, they're biodegradable and cruelty-free.

Unlike conventional pads that are sprayed with cotton and bleached with chlorineThe Everyday Pantiliners are made from pesticide-free cotton and infused with essential oils (think lavender, rose, aloe vera, and mint), bringing a calming, soothing, and gentle feeling to your most sensitive skin. These liners are great for lighter days or times when you're looking for a bit of extra protection. And of course, we love how cooling and refreshing they feel.

LOLA Regular Tampons Compact Plastic Applicator

LOLA is another awesome, woman-owned brand that makes period products using 100% certified organic cotton. All of their menstrual products are free from toxins, dyes, and synthetic fibers, so you know exactly what you're putting in your body. And, they're leaders in activism -- together with Period Equity, they've been working to end the tampon tax.

Plus, they make necessary products that feel luxurious. Take the LOLA Regular Tampons Compact Plastic Applicator. These organic tampons are gynecologist-approved and hypoallergenic. Naturally, they're made from 100% organic cotton, down to the string, and have BPA-free applicators. These organic tampons come in a regular absorbency, but we also carry them in light, super, and super+, depending on your flow.

Cora Organic Cotton Ultra Thin Period Pads Overnight

Cora is another woman-owned brand focused on advocating for women's health and period products made with natural and organic cotton. We carry two versions of the Cora Organic Cotton Ultra Thin Period Pads Overnight: one that comes with 28 pads and one that comes with 14 pads. Things we love about both:

  • Hypoallergenic, 100% organic cotton top sheet
  • No harsh chemicals or chlorine
  • Deliver up to 8 hours of leak protection
  • Cashmere-soft material
  • Flexible — so they really stay in place while you move throughout your day

If those aren't enough reasons to add to cart, we've got one more: every time you buy something from Cora, you help provide pads and health education to girls who need them.

The Honey Pot Organic Regular Tampons

We love The Honey Pot so much, we had to put another of their organic period products on the list. These regular absorbency tampons are made from 100% unscented organic cotton and no chlorine, pesticides, or fragrances. The organic tampons also have a BPA-free bioplastic applicator that's derived from sugarcane and comes in 100% recyclable packaging, so while you're treating your body well, you're also being environmentally-friendly. And of course, these tampons offer safe and effective leak protection, so you can go about your day worry-free.

Cora Organic Cotton Applicator Tampon Light/Regular

If you're having déjà vu, don't be alarmed. All of their organic period products are so top-notch that we had to list Cora twice!

The Cora Organic Cotton Applicator Tampon Light/Regular has all the amazing qualities you already know about Cora tampons (made from 100% certified organic cotton, made without fragrance, pesticides, dioxins, and polyester, every purchase helps girls in need, the list goes on…) plus a water-repellent wax coating covering the string and a BPA-free plastic applicator.

Suitable for light and regular days (Cora suggests using their light tampons for 6 or less grams of blood, and regular for 6-9 grams), the organic tampons expand to fit your body for comfort and leak protection.

Thinx Period Proof Boyshort

We've been talking organic tampons, pantiliners, and pads for 13 paragraphs now, but there are of course other exciting menstrual products to discuss. One such product? Thinx Period Proof Boyshort.

If you're asking yourself what period panties are, you're in the right place. Thinx makes underwear that absorbs your period. They look and feel like normal underwear, so the period panties are washable, reusable, and comfortable, and are meant to replace pads and tampons or be used as extra protection while you're wearing another menstrual product.

We carry the Thinx Period Proof Boyshort in a bunch of different sizes, so you can choose whichever works best for you. No matter which size you go with, though, rest assured that you'll get a cozy, full-coverage style that's absorbent, neutralizes odor, and prevents leaks.

While some care and attention has been brought to publicizing and attempting to rid the feminine care industry of harmful chemicals through legislation and producing organic products, there are still a lot of issues surrounding menstruation, like the fact that 30 U.S. states still charge a sales tax on period products, many women and people who menstruate experience period poverty and lack access to sanitary products, and even the general stigma around menstruation. There's still work to be done, and organizations like Tax Free.Period and I Support The Girls are leading the way, working towards these inequities.

We hope you're as excited as us about all of these top-notch organic period care products. (And that you can now use FSA funds for period care products!) If you're interested in checking out our full collection of feminine care products, head here. And if you want to explore even more organic products, try our selection of organic tampons and organic pads.


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